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We carry the complete line of Dometic Marine Air and Dometic Cruisair air conditioners, parts and accessories.
*All Parts on this page are IN Stock.

Scroll down on this page for the most common replacement parts Like - Cruisair SMXir, SMXIIab Keypads, A-288D, A-281C Cruisair Circuit boards, Marine Air Passport I/O circuit board, Marine Air Passport I/O keypad, and Passport II to Passport I/O Retrofit kit.

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elite display
Marine Air Elite™ Keypad/Display

The Marine Air Elite has a sleek, modern Euro design.
The control works with the Passport I/O circuit board.

Part # 222000210 DX & CW
Gray display Sold with out bezel
Our Price $219

passport io compactMarine Air Passport I/O Compact  KeyPad/Display.

*This Display is the REPLACEMENT for the Passport I/O Legacy Below.*

It Fits In The Same Cut Out as the Legacy below.
Black Part #222000200   White #222000201
Works Only with Models - VTD, VCD, CSD, SVCD, CMCD SCMCD, ECD, DTU and AH Passport I/O.
Comes with Bezel.


passport i/oMarine Air Passport I/O Legacy Keypad/Display
(If This Image Is What You Have Now)

Works Only with Models - VTD, VCD, CSD, SVCD, CMCD, SCMCD, ECD, DTU and AH Passport I/O.  

Part# 222000222 - Black


Cruisair SMXir Display - Keypad with mounting bracket
Cruisair Dometic SMXIR - Black 3/4 door is a current
Keypad Display.
SMXIRB is the part # for the black keypad.

Our Price $225

Optional IR Remote control
Our Price $90


Cruisair Dometic SMXII Keypad Display Controler - is a current Part. Cruisair SMXII Keypad

Cruisair Part # SMXIIAB is available as a Replacement Part
For Self-Contained & Direct Expansion units. (DX)
SMXIIAB Keypad Display

Always in stock.
Our Price $209

Note: Sold with out cover plate.

pump relay panelPump Relay Panels -
Part # 2-PRP - (2) Unit Model List Price is $285 .
Our Price $199
(They are Dual Voltage, for 110v or 230v)
2 unit shown with cover off.
Click window for 2 thru 6 unit model 2-6PRP.

2 or 6 unit

Replacement Circuit Board for Marine Air Pump Relay Panels 2-PRP and 2-6PRP
Part # PCB-111
Our Price $175
(They are Dual Voltage, for 110v or 230v)
Markings on your board are PCB-111- this is the correct Replacement circuit board.
Replacement Circuit board is the 2-6 unit.

retro fit kitRetrofit Kit - Marine Air
Passport II to Passport I/O $499 for Black

Passport IO circuit board, Passport IO compact keypad Wiring diagram.
Note: Wiring is the same for both Platforms.
Circuit Boards are the same size.

This Kit is for replacing a Bad Passport II keypad/display or Main circuit board.
It requires changing out the Main circuit board in the electric box of the A/C unit.
Passport II keypads and main circuit boards are Discontinued from the manufacturer.
To Identify a Passport II display You have the following A/C unit:
VCP, CMP, CMCP, CSP, Some VRP units.
Remove Keypad back cover & see Passport II on the circuit board.
Your Keypad has NO Penguin after Logo.


Marine Air Systems Passport II Circuit Board
Is Discontinued...

Notice: the Display and Alt Air Jacks are in the corner.
Newer Boards have a smaller transformer.

Only for Models - VCP, CMP, CMCP, CSP,
(and VRP 1997-1998 only)

Marine Air Systems Passport I/O circuit board shown.
Display and other Jacks are all on the top.

Part # 4220020

Works Only with Models - VTD, VCD, CSD, SVCD, CMCD SCMCD and AH Passport I/O.
Our Price $389

CRUISAIR SMXII Circuit Board is Shown, 

SMX II power logic board

Cruisair SMXII A-288C and A-288D, SMXII HV
A-288D board replaces the A-288C

Old Part # 42404 New #722300288

Our Price $295

CRUISAIR SMXII Circuit Board A-281C
Shown with Pin Connectors.
(Most units before year 1999)

NOTE: Our New board will look similar
with some changes and up-grades
and the latest revisions.

Old Part # 42403

Our Price $299

Our A-281C board also replaces the A-285 board.

triac A548

Cruisair Triac A-548 Flat style. (After 1993)
Used for Compressor and Pump relay panel switching.

Part # 758000006

Our Price $40


CXP15 Keypad to P/L Box Cord, RJ12, 15 Feet by Dometic Cruisair


Our Price $29


March LC-3CP-MD - 510 GPH, 115v  Our Price $339
Cruisair/Marine Air Model PML500, PML500L, PM500, PMP500.
This is the OEM Original Pump
Pump is liquid cooled, 3/4" FPT - inlet, 1/2"MPT outlet.
Also Replaces Marine Air P500, LunAire WPC500,
Technicold TE500, Adler Barbour D8152.


March AC-3CP-MD  630 GPH, 115v  Our Price $259  
This is the OEM Original Pump PMA500 for
Cruisair and Marine Air.
This Air Cooled pump is 610 Gallons per Hour to be used with no more than 8 foot vertical lift and 45 feet of overall hose.  These legendary pumps feature open air, thermally protected and moisture protected motors.
3/4" FPT - inlet,  1/2"MPT outlet.

March AC-5C-MD  1080 GPH available in 115 and 230 volt.

This is the OEM Original Pump PMA1000
This pump is ideal for multiple unit applications. These legendary pumps feature open air, thermally protected and moisture protected motors.
This is a direct a Replacement pump for
Marine Air Systems and Cruisair 115v Model # PMA1000 and PMA1000C for 230v
direct replacement - Lunaire WPC-1000 - 115v
1" FPT - inlet,  1/2"MPT outlet.


Marine Air and Cruisair P100, P700, P1500BXT and Larger Sea water Pumps are available.

display cable

Marine Air Passport I/O and Passport II Display Cable, 8 pin - 15 foot is available as a Replacement part.
Our Price $27

Call for other lengths.

alt air sensor

Marine Air Passport I/O and Passport II
Alternate Air Sensor, 6 pin with clip - 7'
Part # 222102307
Our Price $46

Call for other lengths.

cruisair trigger

Cruisair Trigger Dual Voltage
Replaces TR115 and TR230
One trigger for 115v or 230V
Our Price $59

C17 thermostat
Cruisair and Marine Air Heat / Cool Thermostat
C-17 Thermostat, Heat & Cool
SA3/SSA3/DSA Cruisair and Marine Air
Part# 4060603 -
Our Price $97

Passport Retrofit kit.
This Kit is for a bad passport keypad or a bad passport circuit board.
ONLY For circuit boards marked pcb 310 - cabin mate.
Includes: Custom Passport IO circuit board, Passport IO keypad compact and Wiring diagram.
Our Price $565


ecu maxx circuit board

ECU MAXX Circuit Board - Marine Air
Has been DISCONTINUED.....
Call to discuss a cost effective Retrofit kit

ECU Maxx Circuit Boards are for Units VHT, VRX,

ecu maxx

ECU MAXX Keypad/Displays are available.
This display has the SDL Metal connector for the display cable.
We stock the display in WHITE.
Our Price $275

Call to order in Black.

FX-1 circuit board
FX-1 and FX MAXX Circuit Boards are available.
Replacement for ALL boards marked
PCB-370 for Marine Air, Mermaid Marine Air, Aqua Air and others.
Our Price $295

FX-Maxx Keypad
TW2 and FX-Maxx Keypad/Display's
Aqua Air TW2-01W and TW2-01B
Marvair - Machair I
Works with DX and Chill Water systems.
For 8-pin connector display cable (Not SDL)
Our Price $245


DDC circuit board

DDC Circuit Board PCB270- Marine Air and Cruisair part# 4220002
Our Price $485
Dual voltage 115/230V, Used on CHC Units,
(replaces 333647 & 333576)
Used on Cruisair and Marine Air chiller units.
MCW Chiller, MCGV, PCB270


Cruisair Dometic SMXII Keypad Display Controler - For Chiller application - Cruisair SMXIIBB Keypad

Cruisair Part # SMXIIBB is available as a Replacement
Part, Only for Chilled Water Units. TW Model (Tempered Water)
Our Price $239

Note: Sold with out cover plate.

Mermaid Condensator  Mermaid Condensator
Our Price $235
Working on the "Venturi" principle, the Mermaid Condensator is installed in-line with the marine air conditioners water discharge line.  As the marine air conditioner and sea water pump are running, the device creates a vacuum effect and literally pulls the condensation water out of the drain pan, merges it with the discharge water, and your condensation is now overboard!  The principle here is to leave your boat a "dry boat" by removing all condensation from the marine air conditioners drain pan.

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